How it began

Isaac Cider is a family run cider company based in South West Dorset. We grow all the apples for Isaac Cider in our orchard near Bridport, planted by our Grandpa in 1972.

Previously we would always sell our apples to the big cider makers until we discovered through some ancestry research that we were descendants of the great renaissance scientist Sir Isaac Newton.

Now, we might not be geniuses like him, but like the apple that fell from the tree that gave Newton his eureka moment, we too had a major realisation. We shouldn’t just be selling to the big companies but keep some of our apples local and start making our own cider.

Isaac Cider is what we came up with.  Choosing from our favourite apples in the orchard Rollo made the first cider - Calculus - and it was an instant hit, selling out within months! 

We've come a long way since that first batch of hand picked apples, and we hope that Isaac Cider is an honouring of our heritage but also a celebration of the countryside and friends that make our farm so special.

That’s why Isaac Cider is picked by friends, made by family and best enjoyed with both.


What We Sell

We have crafted four bottled ciders over the years, all made with Dabinett cider apples grown in our Orchard at Coombe Down Farm. Our ciders are all named after Sir Isaac Newton's fields of research, paying tribute to his genius.

We started simply with a sparkling medium dry and a sparkling medium sweet, Calculus and Refraction respectively. They have done great, winning Gold and Silver at the Taste of the West Awards.

We then added a still cider to our inventory, and as it was a bit stronger at 5% we went with the name Anti-Gravity and we were over the moon to win another Gold award for this one.

The final addition was a must have - a vintage that we named Alchemy after Sir Isaac's fascination or I should say obsession with the ancient subject. Although he never succeeded in creating the elixir of life, we hope our cider, Alchemy, isn't far off!

Awards Won


     Gold Award – Taste of the West 2023

British Cider Championships 2023, Silver Award – Open Class Medium

British Cider Championships 2023, Silver Award – Taste and Presentation


      Gold Award – Taste of the West 2023

Silver Award - Taste and Presentation British Cider Championships 2023


     Silver Award – Taste of the West 2023

Bronze Award – Open Class Sweet, British Cider Championships 2023



     Silver Award - Taste of the West Awards 2023

Silver Award – Open Class Medium, British Cider Championships 2023