Last month ten samplings were propagated from the apple tree that inspired Sir Isaac Newton’s theory of gravity and we got one of them!

Europe’s largest conservation charity, the National Trust, and Blue Diamond Garden Centres teamed up to auction samplings from the tree that grows at Newton’s wonderful childhood home of Woolsthorpe Manor in Lincolnshire (where he is supposed to have watched the apple fall). The auction raised money for the preservation of Woolsthorpe Manor, its grounds and for a fence to be erected around the tree!

Through a miraculous stroke of luck, we’ve managed to secure one of these family heirlooms which we will plant pride of place on our Dorset cider farm.

When we discovered our family connection to the Father of Modern Science, we had a bit of an apple from the tree moment ourselves…

Granted, we didn’t discover gravity, but it did make us rethink our relationship with the cider farm that had been in our family for generations.

We realised that rather than sell all our apples to the big producers to make cider, we should really be producing our own.

Isaac Cider is a nod to that moment. And now, we can honour Sir Isaac with the very tree that inspired him.

Right now, our precious sampling is no more than a twig in a pot, but give it patience and a lot of love and we’ll be sipping Isaac’s own cider before too long.

Catch the full story on BBC news…

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