Raindrops and Dabinetts

Raindrops and Dabinetts

Taste the sunshine whatever the weather. 

As we sit staring out the window at grim grey skies and rain so wet that the dog looks panicked, reminding ourselves that it’s definitely August, it can be difficult not to daydream… steamy hot evenings on the Costa del Sol. That first crisp sip of icy vino fino at sundown. Nights in a Roman piazza: music, garlic, and wood-fired dough washed down with gulps of tangy Aperol Spritz.

When faced instead with soggy sleeping bags, cancelled camping plans, and beach days sat in the car with a bag of chips – the British summer can often, by comparison, seem quite unappealing…

But fear not, for the true essence of summer can be found nestled in the heart of the UK’s cider culture. As it turns out, there’s a historical and flavourful reason why the British have mastered the art of embracing the seemingly gloomy summer days.

Travel back in time to the rolling orchards of the United Kingdom, where the history of cider-making runs deep. Right back from medieval times, the British have honed and perfected the craft of transforming the humble apple into a golden tongue tantalising nectar. It’s no wonder that as a nation we consume more cider than all other countries combined.

Amidst our cider legacy, one apple variety stands out: the Dabinett apple. This remarkable apple, with its distinct bittersweet flavour profile, has become a cornerstone of Isaac Cider’s orchard in West Dorset. The Dabinett apple, named after a renowned cider pioneer William Dabinett, offers a harmonious blend of sweetness and tannins that dance on the palate with each sip.

At Isaac Cider, these Dabinett apples are handpicked at the peak of their ripeness, ensuring that every drop of cider carries the essence of our orchard. 

So, as raindrops patter against your window, consider embracing the grey skies and celebrating the British summer in a way that only the UK can offer. Raise a glass of Isaac Cider’s Refraction for a true taste of our Dabinett blend. Let the rich history of cider-making transport you to an orchard of flavour, tradition, and community. 

After all, there’s a reason why the allure of a tangy, crisp cider remains timeless, even in the face of unpredictable weather. 

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